Ruohan Wang + ZEBU: Palettes


Palettes – “a thin board with curved edges and a hole
for the thumb, used by artists to mix and place their
paints on while they are working“.
Bright, bold and balanced colors play a big role in
the creative process and in the works of the Berlin
based chinese artist Ruohan Wang and the german artist
duo Zebu. On their palettes, they do not only place
color, but also a rich vocabulary of forms, shapes,
characters as well as experiences from travels and
their own cultural heritages. A palette can be
limiting, but it can also provide the opportunity to
mix things up, to create space for collaboration.
Weserhalle will be providing the space for Ruohan Wang
and Zebu to create a show in which they both hope to
expand their palettes through collaborating on a new
body of work including paintings, screen prints, video
and fabric.

“I am interested not only in the color palettes, but
more the abstract and surreal world we imagine with
soul-stirring colors.” Says Ruohan Wang.