Art Auction: Curated by Navot Miller & Ivana de Vivanco

1—11 Dec
Mon—Sun, 10—18:00
Update 11.12.22: Thanks to all the artists, visitors and bidders. Signup here to be notified of our next Art Auction.

We are happy to announce the tenth edition of Weserhalle’s Art Auction curated by Navot Miller and Ivana de Vivanco. Online bidding opens 1 Dec 18:00—closing 11 Dec 21:00—and is accompanied by a physical exhibition at Weserhalle 2. 
Participating Artists

Alexandru Ganea
Astarte Posch
Carlos Enfedaque
Denis Grau
Elisa Breyer
Elizabeth Charnock
Ellen Kolbe
Fabian Dierksheide
Florine Imo
Franziska Reinbothe
Grischa Kaczmarek
Gustav Körnig
Jan-Hendrik Brinkmann

Jared Cooper Cobain
Juana Anzellini
Jung A Lee
Kolja Kärtner Sainz
Lars Fischer
Lena Valenzuela
Lorenz Behr
Luka Keresman
Lukas Liese
Luke Carter
Mascha Serga
Maxim Brandt
Media Esfarjani

Melissa Steckbauer
Niklas Rechfelden
Nils Kasiske
Noeul Kim
Rojo & Kreß
Ruth Unger
Sarah Geppert
Sebastian Hosu
Stephan Hostettler
Tobias Hild
Valentina Eppich
Veronika Simmering


Navot Miller is a Berlin based artist from Israel, currently studying at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee. Millers work is known for its characteristic compositions fuelled by the flamboyant use of colours and the intensity of the exploration of flatness through the means of collage. He opened this years program at Weserhalle with his Colourful, homo, great exhibition, going on to exhibit at Grove Collective (London, April ’22) and 1969 Gallery (New York, June ’22) both of which were curated by Russell Tovey.

The Berlin based Chileniean-Preuvian artist Ivana de Vivanco completed her studies at the Art Academy of Leipzig under Annette Schröter. Her canvases carry her unique language of Hallucinatory, decadently colourful, and utterly compelling scenes, that depict a host of unseemly players in order to reflect the absurdities of the human-made world. Her work were most recently exhibited in 68Projects (Berlin, September ’22) and Galerie Droste (Berlin, September ’22), and will be a part of Art Cologne with Galerie Anita Beckers and Kornfeld (Cologne, November ’22).

Navot Miller & Ivana de Vivanco