Friedrich Andreoni

A shard or a Knife, 2020
Stained glass and permanent ink, 51 × 66 cm

“A shard or a knife” can be seen in relation to “Maybe” a previous work made in 2019 on the occasion of Art Zagreb. Here, Friedrich frames an extremely small photo depicting a dear friend with his first love in the moment of kissing and writes with a permanent marker underneath the picture the word: «Maybe». In this way, Friedrich Andreoni aims to underly the unpredictability and precariousness both of love and life through the innocence of the first kiss between two teenagers. In “A shard or a knife” Friedrich frames a found fragment of blue church glass, which is the half of a gothic arch, and writes below: «A shard or a knife» to underline how the observation of this can accelerate the imagination of products with unknown intermediacy, thus creating different meanings and purposes behind the same form. The two works together act as a diptych and can be seen as “Maybe, A shard or a knife”.


Friedrich Andreoni works across multiple mediums with a focus on sculpture and sound. His artistic research is centered around the perception and creation of atmospheres. In his works, he integrates devices and structures such as power generators or fragments of architecture, like the gothic arch. Walkable Movements, installed in 2018 at the HFK Bremen, is an example of this transformation. With a mere rotation, space measures itself out and spreads out anew in the memory of site, sound, and space. Aside from numerous installation works, Friedrich has been collaborating musically with Byetone, Robert Lippok and Grischa Lichtenberger from the German artistic platform, RASTER NOTON Archive for sound and non-sound. In July, Friedrich will graduate from Weißensee Academy of Arts Berlin with a Diploma in Sculpture. He will continue his studies in the MFA Sound Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for which he has been awarded a full scholarship from the DAAD (2020-2022).