Toninho Dingl

De-Hydrant, 2022

Cast aluminium
80 x 35 x 35 cm

5.800,00  / 6.902,00  inc tax


Toniho Dingl studied liberal Arts at Art Academy, Karlsruhe in the class of Franz Ackermann. Mainly working with painting and sculptures, his work draws from language in a “bumpy dialectic” kind of approach—as the artist describes it—which derived from his former studies of critical economic geography. With a wink to the film maker Alexander Kluge, he treats every definition of an object as flexible in his contradiction-driven work, aiming to “liquify the frozen conditions” of the viewers perception.

In January 2022 Dingl was awarded with the Schwartzerdt / Melanchthon Art Price of Bretten. He currently lives and works in Altötting.