Ivana de Vivanco


2018. Painting on paper. 24 × 30 cm.

This painting on paper is part of a series of works in which the artist reflects about contemporary masks: the theatrical ones, that are immediately identificable on stage; but also those that are attached to our skin and that we wear without even being aware of them. Paleface is a portrait of someone wearing a smiley-face-mask. At fist sight, one might see a friendy gesture, but quickly the smile turns sinister. Then it’s impossible not to see in the painting some kind of masked violence. Maybe a western white male hides behind the clownnish smiley emoticon. Maybe he’s a business man, a cowboy or a police officer.



Ivana de Vivanco (b. 1989 in Lisbon) is a Chilean-Peruvian artist based in Germany. She studied fine arts at the Universidad de Chile (from 2008 to 2012) and graduated as Meisterschülerin in 2016 at the Art Academy in Leipzig. She has been a grant holder of DAAD, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Cultural Foundation of Saxony and in 2015 she was awarded with the Marion-Ermer-Prize for young artists in Germany. Her work has been featured in several publications such as 100 Painters of Tomorrow published in London by Thames and Hudson, and has been exhibited in England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Poland and Chile.

Additional works by Ivana de Vivanco.