Johanna Dumet


2020, Oil on vintage steel sheet, copper wire
30 × 10 cm

Painted in Denmark (the historic Fyrgården in Anholt) during the peak of Scandinavian summer, Dumet’s work is a testament to the endless light and vivid colours of the Northern European landscape. Dumet does not attempt to correct form or colour, instead staying attuned to her sensitivity to nature, and maintaining a genuine delight in creative naiveté to avoid constraints or rigid expectations.



Johanna Dumet (born 1991, Guéret, France) graduated in 2011 from la Calade in Marseille, France. Prior to this, she studied applied art at the Baccalauréat (STI) in La Souterraine, France. Her works have been shown at 12 Rooms, (‘Room 2’, group show, 2020), and HVW8 Art + Design Gallery, (‘Pause in your flight’, group show, 2020). Her most recent works were displayed in the exhibition ‘Geil, Oder?’ at Weserhalle, which marked her fast solo show of the year. Dumet lives and works in Berlin.

Additional works by Johanna Dumet.