Kolja Kärtner Sainz

Oil and Ink on Canvas

20 x 20 cm

900,00  / 1.071,00  inc tax


Kolja Kärtner Sainz (*1998) is a German painter based in Leipzig and a student at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. Most recently Kolja Kärtner Sainz presented a solo show with DS Galerie (Paris) and exhibited in group shows with Spencer Brownstone Gallery (New York), Tabula Rasa Gallery (Beijing), and Reuter Bausch Gallery (Luxembourg). In Spring of 2024 he will present a solo show with Tabula Rasa Gallery (London). Kolja Kärtner Sainz seeks an ideal intermediate state where representation and abstraction can coexist. Deeply exploring this intersection he tries to freely interpret states of nature and the artificial and not to capture rigid moments, but rather blurs, movements and changes in perception. Working with Oil and Ink in many layers, his paintings appear to render the conflicting forces of abstraction and figuration intertwined in futuristic states of never ending change.