Noa Ironic

Golden Hour

Oil on canvas
150 x 120 cm

6.200,00  / 7.378,00  inc tax



Noa Ironic (*1993) lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. She focuses on human nature, ego and masculine struggle with the element of daily life. The work “golden hour” shows an inverted power dynamic when a horse is peeing on a jockey. A usually dominated and domesticated animal dominates a human. Ironic describes in an interview “ The horse truly is a pillar of painting since the dawn of man on caves, through kings and noblemen and depictions of war, what better way to talk about gender, money, class, power, sex could I have found?” Previous exhibitions have included Gilian Jason Gallery in London UK (2022), Rosenfeld Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel (2022) and Plan X in Milan, Italy (2021)