Le Roadtrip

Sacha Grandemange

Oil on Canvas

80 x 100 cm

2.880,00  / 3.427,20  inc tax


Sacha Grandemange (*1996) is a French artist hailing from the montaignus region in Eastern France, whose love for expansive landscapes
shapes his art. After leaving France in his late
teens, he settled in Germany before moving to Austria, where he currently resides and creates. Starting with Abstract art, Sacha now focuses on narrative and figurative paintings, exploring the tension between dreams and reality, often distorting bodies and perceptions. His work delves into power dynamics, human relationships, and the balance between urban and natural environments, posing existential questions about our direction. Sacha’s art, characterized by a blend of surrealism and dystopia, challenges viewers to consider multiple layers of meaning and interpretation, blurring the lines between external reality and internal perception.