Tokyo Tommy
Resin & Lacquer
25(H) x 20(L) x 12(W) cm

1.250,00  / 1.487,50  inc tax



Italian based Artist Tokyo Tommy (*1999) has been exploring the process of creating sculptures through a VR headset. Tommy has developed a characteristic language that introduces his colourful, vibrant characters. In “Way too Human” his digitally created characters wave and smile at the spectator and sway in a hypnotic rhythm, while they are intertwined almost too close for comfort. This closeness is also mirrored in his 3D printed sculpture titled “Balance”. The characters are leaning on each other relaxed and seemingly intimate but yet in unnatural positions that would be impossible to maintain if each individual would not balance the other out. His most recent exhibition includes his participation at a group show in the Archivio Contemporaneo in Rome, Italy (2021).