Breathing in the fresh air

Zac Yeates

Oil stick, acrylic and gouache on canvas
76.2 x 61 cm

2.650,00  / 3.153,50  inc tax



Zac Yeates’ (*1997) work strives for a connection with the viewer, exploring personification and human forms using mixed media—mainly gouache and oil pastels— to reveal colour-intensive portraits that that creates “the feeling of discomfort until the point where there is nothing else to do but let out a little laugh.” as he describes it. In his works “Clean up your room” or “Breathe of fresh air” Yeates evokes a parallel between the absurd and the comedic, a contradiction between the familiar and the strange and a relationship between the artist and the viewer.  Yeates was born in Western Australia but continues his artistic journey in Vilnius, Lithuania. Previous exhibitions have included YOD Editions in Osaka Japan (2022), Better go South in Stuttgart, Germany (2022) and Cohle Gallery in Paris, France (2022 / 2021)