39NULL #6 Magazine Launch

Opening 14 April, '19


39NULL is back! For our 6th issue we’ve chosen Memory as a topic. Over the course of 148 pages artists, journalists, photographers and authors provide different perspectives on the meaning of memory.

In an interview with Barbara Plankensteiner, who since 2017 manages Hamburg’s ethnological muse- um, we talk about the much needed break with exo- tism in museums. Widad Nabi, a lyricist from Kurdish Syria writes a personal story about not being able to return – neither to a place nor in time. Exclusively for 39NULL the internationally renown photographer Markus Pritzi documented the effects his mother’s dementiahasonthefamily–andhowevenasadstory can be funny at times. The signi cance of memory for the creative process explains the art historian Günther Oberhollzner in a stroll through an imag- inary exhibition. Sabine Mayr addresses the sup- pression of the cultural impact of Jewish families in South Tyrol among the post-war German- as well as the Italian-speaking population. That the myth of the “good leader isn’t just a delusion of the col- lective Italian memory but an aspect of fascist ide- ology that we nd ourselves confronted with today shows Federica Matteoni in her account of the Ital- ian town of Predappio.

Since April 3rd, 2018 39NULL #6 is available in stores as well as online for 13 Euro at www.39NULL.com/shop

Come and see for yourself: On Saturday, April 14th, 2018 at 6 pm the newly released issue will be presented in Weserhalle in Neukölln. Come by and share this future memory.
We’re looking forward to see you.

The 39NULL Team