Art Auction 6

September 20 '20October 20 '20
2020 auction

We at Weserhalle are delighted to present our next group exhibition, Auction 6, highlighting a key selection of our current local artists and collaborators. The exhibition accommodates a physical display of works hosted at the gallery, with the bidding and auction activity taking place entirely online. We aim to raise funds to enable both our gallery and the artists we support to continue producing their respective work. View all available works here.

With a focus on locally produced art, Weserhalle is committed to supporting new and emerging artists in Berlin to provide a platform for their professional artistic development. Additionally, the exhibition Auction 6 consciously works within the limitations determined by the current conditions of the world—namely, a global pandemic—to find new curatorial possibilities within extraordinary and challenging circumstances. This also gives us the opportunity to re-establish the gallery’s core directives: to remain a consistent and active member of the local community, while considering community health and safety. To this end, Auction 6 will assume a de-centralised format to become the second auction in which the bidding takes place online.

In previous auctions at Weserhalle, over 90% of the participating artists and buyers were local to Neukölln. The community-oriented programme of Weserhalle emphasises connection and conviviality, with an intention to generate community networks of artist support and neighbourhood engagement. By taking this localised approach, we aim to raise funds to enable both our gallery and the artists we support to continue producing their respective work, while also maintaining a significant connection to the surrounding neighbourhood. We intend to preserve this community building initiative as central to our curatorial programme, using the online auction format to expand the reach of the gallery for the benefit of the artists we support. Additionally, in order to make art accessible to a wide range of visitors, artworks will be priced at a scale of affordability. You can view all of the available work here.

Alexandra Müller, Bastian Thiery, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Coco Magnusson, Franz Böhlke, Hola Mono, Inna Levinson, Ivana de Vivanco, Johanna Dumet, Monty Richtofen, Manuel Wroblewski, Paul Waak, Sarah Schneider, Stephan Dybus (more to be announced).

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