DIVL website soft opening

Opening 22 August, '19

Time: 19-22:30

Facebook Event: Facebook event


DIVL, a new extremely creative and disruptive collaboration, will unveil to the community a new and powerful website at the stoke of 10:00PM on August, 22nd, 2019. This online platform will be a compendium of present interventions as well as aspirations for the near and deep future. The website itself will be available first at this soft public opening and later, on traditional internet browser(s) and web enabled devices. This soft opening coincides as well with the release of an archival-quality, uniquely designed and numbered artist’s smock, of course available for purchase on site in severely limited quantity.

The evening will begin with a brief two-hour annotated countdown before the site’s reveal, which happens simultaneously on a private network at the Weserhalle Gallery in Berlin, Germany and at a undisclosed in rural central Europe.