DUO: Short film release by Emanuel & Julia Gat

Opening 15 December, '19

Time: 7–10pm

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Weserhalle and Karolina Szymura are delighted to present DUO, a short film by father/daughter Emanuel & Julia Gat. The evening highlights one of the most cruical tools in the creative process; decision making – the process by which we observe reality, gather information and then respond with action.

We introduce the evening with an audio installation; recordings of conversations about different creative processes and the importance of judgment, relation to interpretation, intuition, control, playfulness, choices and challenges.

We then present the highlight and first act; a screening of ‘DUO’, a film directed by Julia Gat, with the choreography created by her father, Emanuel. The film highlights the decision making process with the choreographical tools and its two dancers making up the content of the movie, and the director’s choices of framing and editing.

Michael Loehr will present a musical piece for the final act; re-using existing material within a new context – a play of editing and manipulation, challenging obvious solutions.

Emanual Gat
Emanuel Gat has a unique way of seeing dance and practice choreography, facilitating the space for a group of dancers to meet with their own artistic practices and personal histories. The very structure of the meeting itself sets an environment for a need to react. It sharpens awareness, bringing sense of timing and intense concentration. The main core of the choreography is closed in exactly those moments. Looking at ,,work” from such a perspective brings a human side out of dancers, allowing them to bring with them the parts of themselves learnt and shaped by their everyday lives. This opens up what is allowed into the space, expanding the possibilities for the individual and collectively as a group.

Julia Gat.
Julia Gat (born ‘97 Israel) is a photographer based between Marseille (FR) and Rotterdam (NL). After studying Arts & Humanities at the Open University of the UK, Julia transferred to Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam where she is studying autonomous photography. Her work won the 1st Prize of Festival Portrait(s) de Vichy in 2016, has been shown in Europe and New York including the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, and has been selected finalist for the Residency BMW in Paris.

Karolina Szymura
Karolina Szymura, born in Poland. Professional freelance dancer, worked for companies all over Europe including Noord Nederlandse Danse (Holland) and Thomas Noon Dance (Spain). Currently working with Emanuel Gate Dance(France)Alexandra Waierstall (Germany)and Astrid Boons(Netherlands)

Touring widely as well as being involved in small local productions and educational systems, providing workshops, dance classes and assisting in various creative processes in and outside of dance field.