THE FOX TRAIL—Jorge Camacho

Opening 4 November, '20

Time: 19:00—21:00

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In response to Bastian Thiery’s current exhibition HUMPELFUCHS, sound artist Jorge Camacho has produced a spatial audio experience titled The Fox Trail which was performed alongside the images of Thiery at Weserhalle.

Listen here (headphones recommended).

The work of HUMPELFUCHS presents a year long project in which the photographer Bastian Thiery, equipped with his camera and flash, sets out to find the limping Neuköllner fox, the results of which offer a glimpse of Neukölln by night. To compliment these visual findings, Jorge Camacho will share ambisonic field recordings captured whilst re-tracing the same steps taken by Thiery. Ambisonic recordings use a high-fidelity audio system that reproduces the directional and acoustic properties of recorded sound using two or more channels.

Jorge Camacho is a Cuban-American sound artist, engineer and performer, raised in Venezuela and Mexico and currently based between Berlin and Auckland. He studied Recording Arts and Sound Design before relocating to Berlin. He was Artist in residence at Funkhaus’ MONOM composing spatial recordings for the 4D Sound system, and has completed a residency at the Waveform Research Center in Rotterdam focusing on his own development of ‘microrhythmics’. Fis’ Saplings Records, pioneering the bio-digital format, released the more experimental output of Lock Phase Variations, donating a percentage of proceeds to the Eden Reforestation Projects. The release featured recordings made with test equipment while in residency at the Waveform Research Laboratory in Rotterdam. He currently is focusing on spatial sound and the use of Ambisonics as a spatial enhancement tool for audio recordings.

Listen to Jorge Camacho.