NOVO LINE In the Hydra Halle

Opening 24 June, '18


The first audio based experience at Weserhalle is presented by Novoline.

Following on from the previous nights opening by Shanon Alexander Murphy, the connection between the two artist is in their process, and the question this raises relating to the authorship over the creation.

Murphy’s process negotiates with the seemingly random expressions of water, whilst Novoline collaborates with his interconnected instrumentation of non-intuitive machines.

Much like the visual outcomes of Murphy’s work, unintentional errors become the catalysts for Novolines soundscapes.

Novo Line is a live performance based project by musician Nat Fowler, deliberately misusing 1980’s studio production tools to create simultaneously obtuse and acute tone poems. For more info, visit:

Novoline will be performing his spontaneous live composition from 3pm, supported with visual by Ombra Elettrica