PREVIEW Form Dancewear collection

Opening 20 June, '19


FORM​ is a dancewear collection designed for movement, confidence and comfort. It celebrates the body by adapting to individual shapes, allowing each dancer to flex, jump, reach and step to their full potential. The collection was born from a collaboration between three creative minds, ​Hannah-Lee Jade​ ​(H-LJ) of ​Fashion Studio Obst und Gemüse​, ​Elise Mireille​ of ​THERAPY OF DANCE​ (ToD) and​ ​Lana Kennett​, an entrepreneur in the Berlin startup scene. The collection was founded on three principles: inclusivity to all body types, advocacy for mental health, and setting a standard for sustainable and ethical clothing, values which they believe to be uniquely tied together.

Via FORM, ToD aims to celebrate collectivity over uniformity by fostering a diverse community of dancers who are confident, supported, and mindful in their dance practice; FORM is a creative extension of this goal, offering unique dancewear garments that respond to these values. Made from certified organic fabrics, the collection maintains a dual passion for sustainability and mental health support. FORM uses the logic of a circular economy, and was developed as a way to contribute to mental health initiatives in and around Berlin. The profits from the collection will help to fund free ToD workshops and provide support to communities with financial barriers, or limited access to mental health services in Berlin. Their sights are next set to connect with organisations who share these values in New Zealand.

The therapeutic colour palette of FORM’s collection reflects the ethos of ToD and H-LJ: blue to represent feeling low; pink to signify the spark of creativity, resulting in the dance class and collection which seeks to aid depression; and yellow. The yellow details represent warm, open dialogue and other mental health resources, such as the ToD podcast, IN CONVERSATION. As a social enterprise, ToD recognises and emphasises holistic offline connection as a key resource for mental health. ToD acknowledges that many triggers to poor mental health begin online, and the group was established with the purpose of creating community through conversation, dance and physical expression, no matter our different shape, size or ​FORM​.