Important Artist Conversation 01

Opening 25 July, '19

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Important Artist Conversation is a new monthly feature curated by Künstler, Künstlerin, a series of artist talks that takes on various mediums and themes.

Our first instalment is titled ‘Friction between Living things’ with Lois De Silva and Stephan Dybus.

Lois De Silva is an illustrator and animator from Brighton, England. Her work is technically masterful with an honest insight into her ideas around animals and our place within their environment. She has worked with The Atlantic, The school of Life and many more.

Stephan Dybus is an illustrator working with various themes but notably humans relationship with humans and their environment. His work is playful and humor runs through the work as an undertone to consider our position as humans.

We intend to provide a new approach to the artist talk that makes it possible to delve into the subject and strands from the finished works presented. Each artist is curated to help open the topics presented in each other’s works.

After both presentations we discuss the wider issues within the work shown together with the audience with Alexander Norton as the moderator.

The entrance fee goes directly to the artists and the space.

Important Artist Conversation will occur on the last Thursday of every month.