THE LATE ZOOM™ Unlocking the potential of Autopoesis

Open 9 June, '19

Until 12 June, '19


Weserhalle and Shameless/Limitless present: A live power point presentation by Dave Biddle & JJ Weihl.

On the sur(face) of any complex system is an inter(face) of some kind. This is how we interact with and understand the world. But its only the first layer. How can we dismantle the face? With an influential new technique known legally as The Late Zoom™. This technique has recently exploded out of the digital media sector and is designed to achieve precisely this effect! The Late Zoom™ is used in digital media to zoom into images well beyond the limits of their resolution. With the Late Zoom™ users can obliterate the logic of an image and liberate its contents from the boundaries of the screen, potentially revealing the hidden nature of reality.

Autopoiesis describes a process of self creation, where a system creates and maintains the environmental conditions necessary for its own emergence. Here’s an example: When faces spend a good deal of time close together , they eventually share secrets. These secrets form a boundary excluding those who ‘don’t know’. The formation of this boundary puts the faces in such close proximity that they begin to share breath, and to breathe together is conspiracy. In the moment when the space between conspirators collapses, we can assume they have just one face, and this is the face of secrecy. By gazing through the lens of The Late Zoom™ to explore the spaces we inhabit together and the spaces left between us, we can dive deeper into autopooetic systems to reveal their nonlinearity.

Dave Biddle is a Canadian entrepreneur with a focus on maximising the transformation of nonlinear systems. His approach to information dissemination synthesises pre-Christian theology with a powerful new vision of cellular intelligence.

JJ Weihl is a native New Yorker currently based in Berlin. Her work explores the space within the Venn diagram of “human” and “artificial” systems of emotional intelligence and states of consciousness through writing and pop music.