WHY A DUCK? Poster Design Workshop

Open 14 September, '19

Until 15 September, '19


Why A Duck? is a 2-day poster design workshop at Weserhalle in Neukölln. Guided by Robert & Tanya the participants will realise a poster about an animal of their choice. The poster can either be a statement, a visual exploration or a secret message. In between there will be creative drawing exercises and idea giving breaks surrounding the process of the poster design.

This workshop suits well versed designers or design students, as well as more unexperienced people who have an interest for design, typography, illustration and posters. The fee includes materials, printing costs and for your chance to exhibit at Weserhalle.

Workshop fee: 60€.
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You will learn

– analogue design techniques
– composing in black and white
– typography in use
– finding and filtering inspiration
– drawing techniques

About the designers

Robert is a graphic designer and typographer living and working in Berlin. Designing posters, publications and custom typefaces is what he enjoys most. While exploring the verge of analogue and digital design spaces he floats between the poles of animated and still imagery.

Tanya Teibtner is an illustrator and multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. Her main interest lays in philosophical and spiritual topics with emphasis on art and design. Her illustrations are characterised by symbolic details and metaphoric atmospheres, drawn with Indian ink.