16. Nov '1821. Nov '18

So do’st the moments make each day, and in turn 365 days do they make’th a year, what shall ye do with th’ne?

Proverb; are you ready to receive your new days? Soon, in the Weserhalle Gallery, polyvalent visual artists Adrienne Kammerer and Molly Dyson visualize the coming year (2019) in an exhibition and launch of a 2019 calendar.

We all know the gentle tug of time, the rigid Fordist structure measuring out each moment of every working hour, the gentle tug of father time to check his hands smoothly moving upon’st the clock, waiting a small precious moment for your phone and reveal what time she says to you. But whom in this very moment can say their time is just their own? As individual unique and beautiful cogs in the hyper-atomized neoliberal reality we inhabit, no moment is unknowable, incorruptible. In a micro subversion of capitalist hegemony Kammerer and Dyson have created a new style of personal calendar just for you and your time.

Using the Gregorian calendar as a framework, Kammerer and Dyson’s creations will nudge you through the seasons, cast predictions for the year to come (2019), and give a nod and a wink to the concept of time itself. Merging baroque and renaissance aesthetics with digital processes, this exhibition looks backwards and forwards at once, creating a closed loop of visual language.

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