Weserhalle Art Auction 12

23. Jun '2430. Jun '24
Open Hours and Location:
Opens: June 23rd, 3pm
Closes: Sunday, June 30th, 8pm
Visit: Mon to Sun, 2-6pm

Weserstr. 46
Welcome to Weserhalle Art Auction 12, co-curated by artist Jochen Mühlenbrink and art historian Lena Winter. This week-long auction is divided into two parts:The physical exhibition at Weserstraße 46 allows you to experience the artworks in person. The digital aspect allows you to bid on each of the artworks in our online auction here at weserhalle.com.

The auction ends June 30th, 8pm CET. The auction is now closed.


Alexey Shahov
Amer Al Akel
André Wendland
Andy Kassier
Anna Lisei Math
Anna-Maria Podlacha
Anton Kalmysh
Armin Pichler
Aske Alexander Hvidtfeldt
Azim F. Becker
Bella Bram
Björn Knapp
Camille Theodet
Christian Retschlag
Dupont Clément
Friedrich Herz
Jan Babucke
Johannes Unger
Julia Obermaier
Justus Johann Köbsch
Kevin Lüdicke
Nari Jo
Peter McRury
Roman Manikhin
Ross Hansen
Sabine Dietrichkeit
Simon Gilmer
Simone Rudolph
So-Yeon Kim
Sophia Domagala
Sophie Olive-Kuipers
Tom Früchtl
Yewon Lee
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Photos @ dotgain.info

Guest Curators

Photo @ Gregor Guski

Jochen Mühlenbrink (DE, 1980) studied painting at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (2001-2006). Known for his Trompe-l’œil technique, Mühlenbrink leans on theories to investigate reality within the aesthetic principles of modernist painting and classical art. Since 2005 his work has been exhibited in galleries and institutions in Germany, across Europe, in Asia and North America. Jochen Mühlenbrink is represented by ASPN, Leipzig (DE), Galerie Thomas Fuchs, Stuttgart (DE), Gerhard Hofland, Amsterdam (NL), Gether Contemporary, Copenhagen (DK) and Long Story Short, NYC (USA). Link.

Photo @ Anna Wegelin

Lena Winter grew up in an artistic household. After studying art history in Cologne and Zurich, she worked for the renowned German auction houses Grisebach and Ketterer for around ten years. She has been an auctioneer since 2016. In 2021, she established the art trading platform misa.art together with König Galerie. Together with Sebastian Greber, she has been the head of Auktionshaus am Grunewald, which focuses on contemporary art, since the beginning of 2023. Link.

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