Art Auction 3

Date: 23. Aug '19

On August 23 Weserhalle will host its third live art auction, taking the concept of “exposure” as its broad but provocative theme. Who will risk exposure at auction, and who will seek it? Is exposure a natural (chemical) process, or an unthinkable danger? Weserhalle invited participants to create artworks for submission, interpreting the theme in any way possible. Unlike a regularly curated exhibition, Weserhalle’s third auction toes the line between risk and opportunity, providing a platform for diverse artworks to be exposed to each other, to be exposed to an audience, and to be exposed to the fickle processes of commerce. True to its mandate, “exposure” reflects the gallery’s commitment to promoting new and emerging artists through its diverse programming, and with this third auction Weserhalle invites participants to expose and be exposed.

Each artist had the opportunity to choose a percentage of their final sales for donation to the gallery. Weserhalle will use these funds to ensure its ongoing programme and maintaining and improving the infrastructure of the space.

Informed by the theme, all works will start at 0€ with no reserve.

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