3. May '1917. May '19

Brodie Kaman’s latest body of work, Fever Spiral, presents a small collection of screen and digital prints that focus on the interrelation between self reflection, fear and acceptance, a complex that has often motivated his work.

For this series, Kaman combines a DIY aesthetic with doggedly abstract graphics to create bold and experimental visual planes. With a nod to the American poet Franz Wright’s Alcohol (1998), Kaman mixes short poetic texts with illustration, meditating on his own struggles with substance addiction and mental health.

Kaman has spent considerable time in London, before recently settling in Berlin, and cites both places as useful backdrops to his artistic explorations of individual suffering and self-discovery. In his work, Kaman regards art and design as both a coping mechanism and creative outlet, necessary processes to his personal development.

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