Hola i chau. The Stillness of Motion

22. Nov '194. Dec '19

Hola i chau is an artist duo (Hola and Chau). Their name plays with contrast and duality, referencing the binary greetings ‘hola’ (hi) and ‘chau’ (bye). In their artistic practice, Hola Mono maintains a focus on amalgamating fragments of the every day, embracing inconsistencies and visual discordance to celebrate the possibilities latent in the unexpected. They are self-described as ‘beings of movement and constant mutation,’ and their work expresses this fluidity in collaboration. Oscillating between the deconstruction and reinterpretation of ordinary phenomena, they relish in the flexibility of working together. Theirs is an open field of experimentation, with an interlacing of contradictions, contrasts, decomposition and regeneration that form the core of their conceptual interests.

For their first exhibition at Weserhalle, holo i chau focuses on developing these themes, using material found on the street as both medium and inspiration. This is presented as ‘The Stillness of Motion’, a series of physical sculptures and screen printed images that make up a conceptual intervention into typical notions of ‘waste’ in wider society. Hola Mono are ‘selector-collectors’: their sculptures are fabricated from found material, transforming debris and discarded matter into objects worthy of contemplation. By extension, the prints echo these sculptural forms, using techniques of layering to reflect the intricate, and often unusual forms of the physical works. As the title ‘The Stillness of Motion’ might suggest, Hola Mono identifies a poetics in discordance. With intention to give visibility to otherwise invisible matter, they broaden the lifespan of typically disposable things to fracture the thoughtless patterns of consumption in a consumerist world, finding beauty in that which goes overlooked.

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