JOANNA SZPROCH @smileformedaddy

7. Sep '1814. Sep '18

Joanna Szproch’s first solo exhibition in Berlin presents the culmination of her long-term project exploring the relationship with her muse, Patrycja.

@smilefomedaddy combines a knowing wink at our overtly public era of instagram, selfies, and digital photography on our phones, with what actually amounts to an extremely personal and private look at female friendship, youth and beauty, and the transition from naive sexuality through a series of photos of budding womanhood, into an unfolding and confident adulthood. Promiscuity, exhibitionism, intimacy, adventure, inspiration, and the classic muse and auteur relationship are propelled into the twenty-first century with a flood of fantastic and colorful images.

Joanna Szproch
Szproch (Warsaw, Poland, 1979) has developed her signature photographic style: a mixture of vulgarity and innocence, saturated colour and dowdiness, high technology and analogue, her images are a celebration of contrasts. The fluctuating boundary between old and young, adult and child, innocence and knowing are strong themes in Szproch’s artistic work and life.

Joanna Szproch teaches a seminar entitled “Art Direction and Photography” at HTK – Academy Of Design in Berlin.

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