Not Cancelled Group Show

17. Jul '2019. Jul '20

Weserhalle presents the Not Cancelled Group Show; a selection of artists currently studying at Kunsthochschule Berlin. Due to the current pandemic, access of students to their workspaces has been strictly limited and commonly prohibited. Opportunities and platforms for students to exhibit their work have been postponed, cancelled, or forced online. We acknowledge that exhibiting work during studies is an integral part of the learning process. As the regular structure for this process has been compromised, Weserhalle has provided an opportunity for this to continue. Artists:

Abie FranklinAnnabell HäfnerDean Annunziata Friedrich AndreoniJ. Gottmanns + K. FritscheJohannes BosisioLars UnkenholzLorenz PaschLukas Luzius LeichtleManuel Resch Maximilian Schroeder Paula Breuer Shira OrionVictoria Pidust.

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