Art Auction 8 with ArtConnect

15. Apr '2122. Apr '21
In collaboration with our fine friends at ArtConnect, we are happy to announce our Spring Auction, opening on April 15. This event is comprised of 2 parts; the physical—a curated exhibition at the Weserhalle gallery; and the digital—an online presentation where the work will be available through our auction.
Our open call generated 784 entries including submissions from 71 nationalities, with artist ranging from 19 to 71 years old. To aid in the selection process, Weserhalle put together a panel of guest curators; Cibelle Cavalli Bastos (they/them), an artist, musician and independent researcher; Nina Barret Memy (her/she), a multi-disciplinary artist and an art mediator at the Boros Foundation; and Simon Mann (he/him), a conceptual artist who has curated at Weserhalle.


Abie Franklin
Alyona Baranoff
Andrea Mikyska
Ayla Tavares
Daisy Watson
Dana kirijak
Hemel & Freytag
Edvile Luksyte
Elizabeth Charnock
Fette Sans
hola i chau
Iryna Maksymova
Jacopo Dal Bello
Jan Ziegler
Jan-Hendrik Brinkmann
Joakim Derlow
Joanna Chwiłkowska
Jonas Lewek
Josefine Schulz
Katharina Arndt
Laura Song Wu
Laura Suryani Thedja
Linda Skellington
Lucas Lelieveld
Nadine Talalla
Niklas Jeroch
Santiago Mac Auliffe
Serap Sahin
Tamir David
Tasha Levytska
Thiago Goms
Valdrin Thaqi
Verena Issel

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