The Printers’ Prints #2

20. Sep '1925. Sep '19

The Exhibition “the Printer’s Prints” was born as a collaboration between Berlin-based studio Le Raclet, and Bangkok-based studio The Archivist.
Two parallel realities at the opposite sides of the world, both female run and with many years of practice behind them, the two screen-print studios share a genuine passion for graphic arts, and represent, in their respective countries of Thailand and Germany, a meeting point for artists, designers, and illustrators who come together to celebrate creativity.

With the decision to join forces, planning a collaborative show that involved both Thai and western artists, the two studios not only wanted to display their love for art, but also wanted to consciously step out of the shadow, celebrating their work as printmakers, and to show what they are capable of achieving following their ethics and the rhythm of their swinging arms.

The first edition of “the Printers’Prints” opened in Bangkok in February 2018 and was a great experience of collaboration and exchange.
This is the second collaborative group exhibition between the two studios, featuring hand pulled screen-prints designed by some of our favourite artists:

Andreas Samuelsson, atelier bingo., Daan Botlek, Fuzzgun, Jack Sachs, Jan Buchczik, Jeroen Erosie, Kelly Anna, Lee Anantawat, Manita Songserm, Marc Stuart, Enrico Mosconi, Minchaya Chayosumrit, Molly Dyson, Patsachon Toyingpaiboon, Sigrid Calon, Suthipa Kamyamt

The Archivist is a Bangkok-based screen print studio founded in 2013 by Min Minchaya Chayosumrit (Artist-printmaker/AGI Member) and Woon Kanaporn Phasuk (Printer/Creative director). The studio’s purest intention is to collaborate with people from different fields, for instance, galleries, artists, designers, architects, musicians, as well as poets and writers. They sincerely believe that by working with all these talented, creative thinkers, it will not only be challenging and inspiring but beneficial in terms of gaining competent printing experiences in a short period of time.

Le Raclet is a screenprint studio located in the heart of Berlin, specializing in fine art and high end silkscreen printing onto paper. Founded in 2007, since the first steps aims to produce prints of a consistently high standard, working
along side artists, illustrators, designers, creatives, small and big galleries, from the initial idea to the finished print.

Instagram: @leraclet

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