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Born in the French Riviera, Yoann Pisterman is a visual artist and multi-instrumentalist composer. He studied a Master of Fine Art and of Business management in 2009.

Jardin (Garden) is a study of landscape architecture;
A series of visions and reflections acted on small format, Ink on paper.
A conversation taking place between floral elements and shades of grey.
Nature takes over architecture and human’s creations; reminding us of a permanent instability.
We perceive a melody floating around, an atmosphere, a place for meditation.

Nature is full of reminiscence.
Coming from a seed, it blooms and dies.
Again and again.
Time can stretch, but time cannot stop. Haunted by the dead.
We create a space, a territory to start a conversation of images and sounds.
It’s a grave.
But also a place to live, to laugh, to cry, to create, to leave thought, to remember stories.
The difference between nature and human, Is the garden
Guided by man’s hand, we try to understand the question of time and space.
You are here but not here.
Are you in the garden or are you dreaming about it ? How was it ? How will it become ?

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