Good News: Maxim Brandt

Good News, the latest exhibition by Maxim Brandt opens this Friday, 23. June. The collection of artwork speaks to a heightened ecological consciousness, highlighting the sense of not feeling at home in this world, while intimating the symbiotic convergence of technology and nature. Come by and have a look.

Maxim Brandt (*1986) is a Ukrainian Artist, who lives and works in Berlin. He graduated with a Master Degree from Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, Germany in 2015. His most recent exhibitions include Super Future at Mirus Gallery, Denver, DUEL a duo exhibition with Marius Martinussen at NB Galeri, Viborg, 2022, Edition Berlin (Solo) at Galerie Rainer Gröschl, Kiel, 2022 and Needful Things at Uxval Gochez Gallery, Barcelona, 2021.