Hallo, Emily Young Beck

Say hallo to Emily Yong Beck, the lively ceramic artist currently living and working in Chicago. With a BFA from the School of the Art Institute (Class of 2021), Emily effortlessly weaves her way through the world of interdisciplinary ceramic art with a playful touch.

“The use of cartoons in this current body of work is driven by an investigation of propaganda through familiarity and cuteness. Cartoons are able to convey messages to viewers in a quick, simple, and fun way which makes the use of cartoons effective in rapid distribution of national propaganda. For example, during Walt Disney’s earlier years of production, many movies that were being made resulted in bankruptcy. As a result, Disney accepted a deal with the US Government. This deal would contract Disney to make 32 films which would be filled with American propaganda.“ —Emily Young Beck.

Her works have recently been exhibited at Lions & Lambs at Gaa Gallery Provincetown, MA, the Sweet Spoonful of Sugar at New Image Art, Los Angeles,Gimbap Paradise at Lefebvre et Fils, Paris, FR and Soft Power at The Pit in Los Angeles, CA.

Beck’s work can be seen in our current exhibition Dogs of Weserhalle, Weserstraße 46, Berlin 12045 until January 20.

Buncheong Sanrio, 2023
Emily Yong Beck
Stoneware, Majolica and Glaze
16.5 x 13 x 19 cm