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JEONG HWA MIN Houseplants

Open 30 August, '19

Until 18 September, '19

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Exhibition | Jeong Hwa Min


For her second exhibition at Weserhalle, artist Jeong Hwa Min presents Houseplants, a series of poly- and monochromatic graphic illustrations that are both bold and minimal in composition. Working primarily with airbrush painting using self-cut stencils, Jeong Hwa combines these techniques in a practice to experiment with the synthesis of geometric and organic shapes. She … Read more


Open 27 January, '18

Until 15 February, '18

Exhibition | Jeong Hwa Min


Lasse Wandschneider Lasse, Born in Lübeck, Northern Germany, currently resides in Berlin as an illustrator, animator and comic artist. “There are no clear stories being told, no punchlines or cliffhangers, but the pictures can be read as something coherent, the reading experience being closer to that of a poem. The works are drawings in pencil … Read more

Jeong Hwa Min is a South Korean illustrator and painter living and working in Gerswalde, Germany. Her work focuses on studying and experimenting with light and shape, and her upcoming exhibition at Weserhalle in Berlin explores a selection of her paintings and her ever-evolving style. Source.