Introducing Tamara Malcher

Born in 1995 (Recklinghausen, DE) the artist is studying at the Academy of Art in Münster in the class of Prof. Cornelius Völker. She lives and works in Münster.

Naked, voluminous female bodies, set in motion, dancing or hidden behind thick plant leaves, are the starting point for the large-format canvas works of the German artist Tamara Malcher. The bright, luminous colors of the paintings synchronize with the sitter and underline the aesthetics of the expressively painted body images, which in their clarity and richness confidently take up the surface of the picture carrier.

Their forms are biomorphic and lively, the extremities soften and become rubber-like color forms that move without resistance, but do not detach themselves from the body, but rather pull it along, thus developing into a dynamic, powerful composition. The surfaces of the bodies are tense, and the forms are full of activity up to the edges.

As with many other contemporary female artists, it is the question of the position of women in art and art history that marks Tamara Malcher’s oeuvre and once again underscores the relevance and topicality of Malcher’s paintings.

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