OPEN CALL—Berlin Artists

Deadline—Sun 22 Nov, 11:59pm. Bidding now closed.

Participating artist announced Fri 27 Nov. Press info.

From November 5—22, we took submissions for participation in our upcoming winter art auction, opening on December 4—11. Selected artists will have their work exhibited in our gallery, with the work available via the auction on our website.

Open Call
Though we remain pro-active, the open call approach still plays a vital role in our discovery of new artists. This method allows a broader range of people (including emerging artists who may not have studios or exhibitions to visit) the opportunity to take part in our programme, and helps maintain accessibility to our local creative community.

This is a fundraiser; We acknowledge that generating funds for artists is more important than ever, and in order to focus our efforts, submissions are only open to artists based in Berlin. All selected artworks will start at 0€ with no minimum price. We realise that this is a risk, but in our experience, by making the art accessible to everyone in our network encourages greater participation and often yields surprisingly positive results. When submitting an entry to the auction, the artist had the opportunity to choose the percentage of the final sales for donation to the gallery. Weserhalle will use these funds to ensure its ongoing programme.

Guest Curators
In order to select the artists for our upcoming art auction, Weserhalle has put together a panel comprising of 3 guest curators; Johanna Dumet, Andy Kassier and Christine Schmelter.

Johanna Dumet
French Painter Johanna Dumet (*1991) has exhibited at KEWENIG GALERIE, HVW8, and most recently at Weserhalle, marking her first solo show of 2020. @johanna_dumet.

Andy Kassier
The conceptual artist Andy Kassier (*1989) lives and works in Berlin. His work includes installations, performances, photography, videos, sculptures and painting. @andykassier.

Christine Schmelter
Christine Schmelter (*1990) studied Art History in Vienna and Berlin and is currently managing Edition König with a focus on fine art prints and multiples. @koeniggalerie.