SOLO SHOW Manuel Wroblewski

Open 22 April, '21

Until 21 May, '21

Manuel Wroblewski

Solo show planned for Gallery Weekend 2021. Details to follow.

Open Call: Weserhalle + ArtConnect

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In collaboration with our friends at ArtConnect, we are happy to announce that we’re now open for submissions for our upcoming Spring art auction, opening on April 15. Financial support for artists continues to be more important than ever, and the auction format allows us to work with the community to address this in a … Read more

Without you, it’s just a room, 2020.

Opening 28 December, '20


A little thank you to all the participants and supporters of 2020.

Online Art Auction

Open 4 December, '20

Until 11 December, '20


“…Providing an open platform for local art that you don’t need a fortune to buy…” —Cee Cee Berlin. We are happy to announce our last final auction of the year, with the primary goal of raising funds for local artists and to ensure our ongoing programme. In our last auction, Weserhalle curated a selection of … Read more

OPEN CALL—Berlin Artists

Opening 8 November, '20

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Deadline—Sun 22 Nov, 8pm.
Participating artist announced Fri 27 Nov.
Press info.


We are rather delighted to announce that we’re now taking submissions for participation in our upcoming winter art auction, opening on December 4 until December 11. Selected artists will have their work exhibited in our gallery, with the work available via the auction on our website. This is a fundraiser; We acknowledge that generating funds … Read more

THE FOX TRAIL—Jorge Camacho

Opening 4 November, '20

Extra Infos: Book a time slot.


In response to Bastian Thiery’s current exhibition HUMPELFUCHS, sound artist Jorge Camacho has produced a spatial audio experience titled The Fox Trail which was performed alongside the images of Thiery at Weserhalle. Listen here (headphones recommended). The work of HUMPELFUCHS presents a year long project in which the photographer Bastian Thiery, equipped with his camera … Read more

HUMPELFUCHS—Bastian Thiery

Open 16 October, '20

Until 13 November, '20

Bastian Thiery | Exhibition

“The flâneur wanders restlessly through the city like an untamed beast. He succumbs to the crowd like a wreck to the waves, letting himself be overcome by the liberating breath of anarchy.” – Federico Castigliano, Flâneur: The Art of Wandering The Streets of Paris As an ode to our beloved Neuköllner Weserkiez, we are excited … Read more

The Potsdam Selection

Open 2 October, '20

Until 4 October, '20

Art Fair | Exhibition

Weserhalle is excited to be apart of the second Art & Antique fair in Potsdam this coming October; a mix of regional and supra-regional galleries will be presented with a diverse offering of contemporary art, antiques, paintings, graphics, glass, and furniture. Our purpose at this fair is to present a key selection of our current … Read more

Auction 6—Group Show

Open 4 September, '20

Until 2 October, '20

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We at Weserhalle are delighted to present our next group exhibition, Auction 6, highlighting a key selection of our current local artists and collaborators. The exhibition accommodates a physical display of works hosted at the gallery, with the bidding and auction activity taking place entirely online. We aim to raise funds to enable both our … Read more

Geil, oder? Johanna Dumet

Open 24 July, '20

Until 28 August, '20

Exhibition | Johanna Dumet

For her first solo exhibition at Weserhalle, French artist Johanna Dumet presents ‘Geil, oder?’, a series of bold still life paintings rendered in swathes of bright colour. Painted in Denmark (the historic Fyrgården in Anholt) during the peak of Scandinavian summer, Dumet’s work is a testament to the endless light and vivid colours of the … Read more

Not Cancelled Group Show

Open 17 July, '20

Until 19 July, '20


The access of students to their workspaces has been strictly limited and commonly prohibited. Opportunities and platforms for students to exhibit their work have been postponed, cancelled, or forced online. In stark contrast to this, the Not Cancelled Group Show has not been postponed, cancelled, or forced online. Instead, in collaboration with guest curator Daniela Villalobos, … Read more

IN YOUR FACE Inna Levinson

Open 11 June, '20

Until 10 July, '20

Exhibition | Inna Levinson

Weserhalle and Open White Gallery present new works of painter Inna Levinson, In your face. The exhibition marks the second year that both galleries collaborate together during the 48 Stunden Neukölln festival. As we watch the world through the screen, the screen gazes back at us. It may notice our fingers sliding frenetically over the … Read more

LIVE ART AUCTION still connected

Open 8 May, '20

Until 22 May, '20


Weserhalle has curated a selection of 32 local artists from 26 countries all based in Berlin to auction their works online on this very webpage. From May 8th, the artworks will also be accessible for viewing at the gallery by booking private appointments. The online bidding will open on the 15th May, closing on the … Read more

Artist is Live

Open 30 March, '20

Until 19 April, '20

Event | Stephan Dybus

Weserhalle wants to know how the artists of Berlin are dealing with the current situation. In order to explore this, we are producing a series of informal and relaxed interviews utilising Instagram live. We see this as a simply way to maintain connection through our community and to share ideas which may help and inspire … Read more

INHABITANTS—Jesse Leroy Smith

Open 12 March, '20

Until 26 March, '20

Extra Infos: Due to the current situation with COVID 19, we are only open to private appointments.


Jesse Leroy Smith is an Artist in Residence at Burnt Sienna Art School, an independent fine arts academy and atelier in Neukölln, where he has produced a series of paintings leading up to his exhibition ‘The Inhabitants’ at Weserhalle (12 – 26 March). As part of an ongoing project, this collection of painted sketches explores … Read more

Ferrari – Monty Richthofen

Open 21 February, '20

Until 6 March, '20

Press Kit: Exhibition preview

Exhibition | Monty Richthofen

In the end you still are stuck in traffic And your watch still ticks at the same speed The artistic practice of Berlin-based artist Monty Richthofen is rooted in his interest in prose poetry and aphoristic language. For his first exhibition at Weserhalle, Richthofen draws on his attention to words, as well as his adjunct … Read more

Beauty in techno-expressive times

Open 28 January, '20

Until 14 February, '20

Facebook Event: Facebook Event


For our first exhibition of 2020, we are pleased to present Beauty in techno-expressive times, an exhibition and interactive experience by Claudia Rafael and Moritz Tontsch in collaboration with Weserhalle, Vorspiel 2020 and CTM festival. Beauty in techno-expressive times With technology we can alter the digital appearance of our bodies, which enables us to develop … Read more

Online video release

Open 16 December, '19

Until 8 January, '20


2 years ago to the day, we presented Octavio Garabello’s WEEKEND IN LITHUANIA, the first official exhibition at Weserhalle. To mark the occasion, we’d like to share a short documentary by Gornajur Jarjar.  The film was shot on the day of the opening, and follows Octavio through the streets of Neukölln, offering glimpses of his … Read more

DUO: Short film release by Emanuel & Julia Gat

Opening 15 December, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook event


Weserhalle and Karolina Szymura are delighted to present DUO, a short film by father/daughter Emanuel & Julia Gat. The evening highlights one of the most cruical tools in the creative process; decision making – the process by which we observe reality, gather information and then respond with action. We introduce the evening with an audio … Read more


Opening 13 December, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook event

Event | Paul Waak

On December Friday 13, Weserhalle will host its 4th auction. In order to make the art accessible to everyone, all selected works will start at 0 € with no minimum price or reserve. We realise that this is a big risk to the artists involved, but as Drew Barrymore said: “If you don’t take risks, … Read more

LIFE SIZE Group Show

Open 6 December, '19

Until 8 January, '20

Facebook Event: Facebook event


Stehen Sie mit nur einem Fuss und zwar auf demvorderen Ballen. Der Fuß befindet sich nun in der Mitte. Drei Prozent werden addiert und durch zwei geteilt. Bei einem Jungen werden dann noch sechs Zentimeter dazugerechnet, bei einem Mädchen werden sie abgezogen. Den Möglichkeiten sind kaum Grenzen gesetzt. Es sei denn, es treten schwere körperliche … Read more

Arts of the Working Class
Website Launch + Rocket Bar

Opening 4 December, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook link


Have you ever said to yourself— it’s one month before the end of the decade of digitalization and Arts of the Working Class still does not have a website!?! Have you ever wondered where you could view a calendar of events related to this newspaper? Have you ever wanted to share an article from our … Read more

HOLA MONO The Stillness of Motion

Open 22 November, '19

Until 4 December, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook Event

Exhibition | Hola Mono

Hola Mono is an artist duo (Hola Mono and Chau Mono). Their name plays with contrast and duality, referencing the binary greetings ‘hola’ (hi) and ‘chau’ (bye). In their artistic practice, Hola Mono maintains a focus on amalgamating fragments of the every day, embracing inconsistencies and visual discordance to celebrate the possibilities latent in the … Read more

Artist talk with Ivana de Vivanco

Opening 14 November, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook Event

Press Kit: Download Preview


Foot Massage (finissage) is an artist talk with the current exhibiting artist. Hosted by Alexsandra Norton, the talk provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the methods, modes and themes behind the works. For our first foot massage, we say hello to Ivana de Vivanco. In her painting, de Vivanco makes countless references to art history: … Read more

A monthly pop up fair

Opening 3 November, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook event


On the 1st Sunday of every month, Weserhalle presents Schlaraffenland, a super nice pop up fair, making available various works from designers, independent publishers, illustrators and artists including posters, prints, books, zines, key-rings, key-things, mugs and knickers and more. We are excited to present our 3rd fair featuring – this months line up: @noa.snir @miroschnee @flirt.zine @eric.reh … Read more

Ivana de Vivanco THE BIG NOSE
A Matter of Perspective or Perspective Matters

Open 1 November, '19

Until 20 November, '19

Exhibition | ivana-de-vivanco

Weserhalle is pleased to present the first Berlin exhibition of Chilean-Peruvian artist, Ivana de Vivanco, ‘THE BIG NOSE: A Matter of Perspective or Perspective Matters’. Like much of her previous work, this collection transforms the gallery into a deliriously experimental theatre, where all actors take the stage. Hallucinatory, dark, decadently colourful, and utterly compelling, de … Read more

A monthly pop up fare

Opening 6 October, '19


On the 1st Sunday of every month, Schlaraffenland will present a super nice pop up fare, making available various works from designers, independent publishers, illustrators and artists including posters, prints, books, zines, key-rings, key-things, mugs and knickers and more. We are excited to present our 2nd fair featuring – this months line up: @presentbooks @angelicaliv … Read more

Item Magazin #1 – Release

Opening 5 October, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook link


Wir freuen uns euch zum Release von item, dem neuen Studierendenmagazin der HTW Berlin, einzuladen. Das Magazin schafft eine Plattform für die Studierenden sich und ihre Projekte vorzustellen und ermöglicht spannende Einblicke in den Fachbereich Gestaltung und Kultur. 25 Studierende publizieren hierfür ihre Projekte in der ersten Ausgabe von item. Zusätzlich eröffnet das Magazin einen … Read more

ROBERT DEUTSCH Begleiterscheinungen

Open 27 September, '19

Until 16 October, '19

Press Kit: Extended Catalogue


Robert Deutsch is a bold user of colour. Working as both a commercial illustrator and a fine art painter, his works can be characterised as fanciful and technicolour universes that merge the labyrinthine meccas of the psyche with the eccentricities of popular culture. In particular, Deutsch concerns himself with the visual language of comic strips, … Read more

The Printers’ Prints #2

Open 20 September, '19

Until 25 September, '19


The Exhibition “the Printer’s Prints” was born as a collaboration between Berlin-based studio Le Raclet, and Bangkok-based studio The Archivist. Two parallel realities at the opposite sides of the world, both female run and with many years of practice behind them, the two screen-print studios share a genuine passion for graphic arts, and represent, in … Read more

WHY A DUCK? Poster Design Workshop

Open 14 September, '19

Until 15 September, '19


Why A Duck? is a 2-day poster design workshop at Weserhalle in Neukölln. Guided by Robert & Tanya the participants will realise a poster about an animal of their choice. The poster can either be a statement, a visual exploration or a secret message. In between there will be creative drawing exercises and idea giving … Read more

LAUNCH PARTY Tagesspiegel Berliner

Opening 5 September, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook event


In der Ausgabe geht es um Selfie-Filter, die von Millionen Instagram-Usern genutzt werden. Die Digitalkünstlerinnen Johanna Jaskowska und Claudia Rafael erklären uns, wie ihre Arbeit das gängige Konzept von Schönheit verändert. Wir zeigen Jakob Ganslmeiers Porträts von Nazi-Aussteigern und deren Tattoos. Die Fotos werfen eine höchst aktuelle Frage auf: Was lernen wir aus unserer Vergangenheit? … Read more

JEONG HWA MIN Houseplants

Open 30 August, '19

Until 18 September, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook event

Exhibition | Jeong Hwa Min

For her second exhibition at Weserhalle, artist Jeong Hwa Min presents Houseplants, a series of poly- and monochromatic graphic illustrations that are both bold and minimal in composition. Working primarily with airbrush painting using self-cut stencils, Jeong Hwa combines these techniques in a practice to experiment with the synthesis of geometric and organic shapes. She … Read more

WESERHALLE Art Auction 3

Opening 23 August, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook Event


Theme: Exposure. noun uncovering; putting in view or danger. Reserve: Informed by the theme, all works will start at 0€ with no reserve. On August 23 Weserhalle will host its third live art auction, taking the concept of “exposure” as its broad but provocative theme. Who will risk exposure at auction, and who will seek … Read more

DIVL website soft opening

Opening 22 August, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook event


DIVL, a new extremely creative and disruptive collaboration, will unveil to the community a new and powerful website at the stoke of 10:00PM on August, 22nd, 2019. This online platform will be a compendium of present interventions as well as aspirations for the near and deep future. The website itself will be available first at … Read more

SCHLARAFFENLAND A monthly pop up fare

Opening 4 August, '19


On the 1st Sunday of every month, Schlaraffenland will present a super nice pop up fare, making available various works from designers, independent publishers, illustrators and artists including posters, zines, mugs and knickers and more.


Open 2 August, '19

Until 18 August, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook event

Exhibition | Sarah Schneider

No Fish is an exhibition and artist’s book (Galerie 5b, 2019) by Berlin-based American artist Sarah Schneider, whose work draws from her experiences traveling between Switzerland, Italy, and Greece in the summer of 2016. Using an amalgam of found images to structure her painting, Schneider layers these references in a composite of history and personal … Read more

Important Artist Conversation 01

Opening 25 July, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook event


Important Artist Conversation is a new monthly feature curated by Künstler, Künstlerin, a series of artist talks that takes on various mediums and themes. Our first instalment is titled ‘Friction between Living things’ with Lois De Silva and Stephan Dybus. Lois De Silva is an illustrator and animator from Brighton, England. Her work is technically … Read more


Open 19 July, '19

Until 31 July, '19

Facebook Event: Facebook event

Alexander Müller | Exhibition

For her first exhibition at Weserhalle, Alexandra Müller (b. 1988, Rostock, Germany) presents OK COOL, a new body of work featuring a selection of vibrant multi-media wall hangings and knitted sculptures. Sitting somewhere between two- and three- dimensional art, OK COOL draws together Müller’s work as an illustrator with her interest in fibre arts and … Read more

MARKUS LIEHR Sotheby’s Series

Open 4 July, '19

Until 15 July, '19


Curated by OWGallery: The SOTHEBY’S SERIES was created after a month long stay in Los Angeles and Las Vegas – a place where the perception of time, space and value of money quickly becomes blurred. When passing by a Sotheby’s window in Santa Monica, California, the artist was surprised to find that the 1744 auction … Read more

PREVIEW Form Dancewear collection

Opening 20 June, '19


FORM​ is a dancewear collection designed for movement, confidence and comfort. It celebrates the body by adapting to individual shapes, allowing each dancer to flex, jump, reach and step to their full potential. The collection was born from a collaboration between three creative minds, ​Hannah-Lee Jade​ ​(H-LJ) of ​Fashion Studio Obst und Gemüse​, ​Elise Mireille​ … Read more

ANNA GILLE All of nature unspoiled – beautiful – beautiful

Open 14 June, '19

Until 1 July, '19


“It was possibly one of the oldest roads in the world. I found it hard to think of a time when there was no road there because the trees and the tall hills and the fine views of bogland had been arranged by wise hands for the pleasing picture they made when looked at from … Read more

THE LATE ZOOM™ Unlocking the potential of Autopoesis

Open 9 June, '19

Until 12 June, '19


Weserhalle and Shameless/Limitless present: A live power point presentation by Dave Biddle & JJ Weihl. On the sur(face) of any complex system is an inter(face) of some kind. This is how we interact with and understand the world. But its only the first layer. How can we dismantle the face? With an influential new technique … Read more

ASHKAN SAHIHI The Last Supper Weserstr.

Open 24 May, '19

Until 7 June, '19

Ashkan Sahihi | Exhibition

The configuration is universally familiar: in the centre sits a figure, eyes downcast, arms open in the sturdy form of a triangle. To the left and right, many gesturing hands vie for attention, while the figures to which the hands belong are positioned along the far side of a long table, variously seated and standing … Read more


Open 3 May, '19

Until 17 May, '19

Brodie Kaman | Exhibition

Brodie Kaman’s latest body of work, Fever Spiral, presents a small collection of screen and digital prints that focus on the interrelation between self reflection, fear and acceptance, a complex that has often motivated his work. For this series, Kaman combines a DIY aesthetic with doggedly abstract graphics to create bold and experimental visual planes. … Read more

CHUPAROSA Kemp Gadegård’s new collection

Open 25 April, '19

Until 28 April, '19


Berlin based design studio KEMP GADEGÅRD invites you to the launch of CHUPAROSA, a four-day presentation of their new collection, opening on April 25th at Weserhalle. Shot and sourced from the land of sand, this collection consists of ethereal womenswear garments, silk wall hangings and ceramic objects. It takes its name — CHUPAROSA — from … Read more

39NULL #6 Magazine Launch

Opening 14 April, '19


39NULL is back! For our 6th issue we’ve chosen Memory as a topic. Over the course of 148 pages artists, journalists, photographers and authors provide different perspectives on the meaning of memory. In an interview with Barbara Plankensteiner, who since 2017 manages Hamburg’s ethnological muse- um, we talk about the much needed break with exo- … Read more

LIAM S. WATERS Transient Bodies

Open 29 March, '19

Until 15 April, '19


Developments in modern medicine have facilitated a fusion of the body and the technological, such that our collective understanding of what it means to be human is now, more than ever, uncertain. Humans and machines are engaged in a complex symbiotic relationship, with biomedical science at the helm of human-technological development. Where once medical sciences … Read more

PAUL WAAK Happiness

Open 28 February, '19

Until 14 March, '19

Exhibition | Paul Waak

Paul Waak is happy to show you his work. Drawings, paintings and sculptures explore the radical bliss of today. Through a process of obsessive repetition, digital deformation and recombination Waak develops intuitive metaphors for existential truths. Fond memories and immediate intimacy, violence and innocence, the endless potential of what is yet to come. Does this … Read more

GROUP SHOW Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Open 14 February, '19

Until 17 February, '19


Now You See It, Now You Don’t brings together artists from Denmark, France, Israel and the UK in a group show where each selected artist presents a moment of critical reflection on the instability of the visible. Jazbo Gross Victoria Kaldan Gal Leshem Louise Madsen Freddie Mason Joseph Winter Camille Yvert A magic trick performed … Read more


Open 7 December, '18

Until 29 December, '18


For the last show of the year, Weserhalle invites Dutch multidisciplinary artist BEA1991 to present a mix of her visual works produced under the alias “Softly John” – the character she embodies in photography. A gentle ex-geography teacher, John is balding wildly. Hair peeps out from his nostrils and ear holes. His body moves along … Read more


Open 16 November, '18

Until 21 November, '18


So do’st the moments make each day, and in turn 365 days do they make’th a year, what shall ye do with th’ne? Proverb Are you ready to receive your new days? Soon, in the Weserhalle Gallery, polyvalent visual artists Adrienne Kammerer and Molly Dyson visualize the coming year (2019) in an exhibition and launch … Read more


Open 26 October, '18

Until 11 November, '18


Palettes – “a thin board with curved edges and a hole for the thumb, used by artists to mix and place their paints on while they are working“. Bright, bold and balanced colors play a big role in the creative process and in the works of the Berlin based chinese artist Ruohan Wang and the … Read more


Open 12 October, '18

Until 21 October, '18


Born in the French Riviera, Yoann Pisterman is a visual artist and multi-instrumentalist composer. He studied a Master of Fine Art and of Business management in 2009. Jardin (Garden) is a study of landscape architecture; A series of visions and reflections acted on small format, Ink on paper. A conversation taking place between floral elements … Read more

MAX GUTHER Unlimited

Open 21 September, '18

Until 5 October, '18

Exhibition | Max Guther

Max Guther is a 26 year old artist and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. By combining photography and 3D generated forms Guther creates collaged images, which push the boundaries of digital illustration. In his images he portrays everyday scenes with a special focus on architectural details, interiors and their inhabitants. Textured to close detail these … Read more

JOANNA SZPROCH @smileformedaddy

Open 7 September, '18

Until 14 September, '18


Joanna Szproch’s first solo exhibition in Berlin presents the culmination of her long-term project exploring the relationship with her muse, Patrycja. @smilefomedaddy combines a knowing wink at our overtly public era of instagram, selfies, and digital photography on our phones, with what actually amounts to an extremely personal and private look at female friendship, youth … Read more

Art Auction: 2010’s

Opening 31 August, '18


We’re almost in the closing moment of the 2010s. How will we remember this decade in the future? With this in mind, Weserhalle is hosted its second art auction. Selected artists: Sam Bardsley, Beatrice Baumgartner, Birte Bosse, Zümrüt Çavuşoğlu, Tara Deacon, Miro Denck, Stephan Dybus, Andrea Farrenkopf, Max Guther, Aneta Kajzer, Ludovica Octavia Singer, Dorothee … Read more

LENA MARIE EMRICH Empowering Pose 01: Rude Receptionist

Open 20 July, '18

Until 8 August, '18


The Empowering Pose 01: Rude Receptionist is the start of a series of sculptures using poses to empower humans through simple stances. We are in an entrance hall. We find the receptionist table. But the receptionist is missing. How to identify a receptionist table by three simple characteristics: 1. The height of 115cm. 2. A … Read more

NOVO LINE In the Hydra Halle

Opening 24 June, '18


The first audio based experience at Weserhalle is presented by Novoline. Following on from the previous nights opening by Shanon Alexander Murphy, the connection between the two artist is in their process, and the question this raises relating to the authorship over the creation. Murphy’s process negotiates with the seemingly random expressions of water, whilst … Read more


Open 22 June, '18

Until 13 July, '18


Inspired by the Japanese tradition of Suminagashi, an ancient technique of Japanese marbling that originated in the 12th century, Murphy’s Underwater Paintings apply the chance effects of ‘floating ink’ in a bath of water to create marbled patterns on large- scale canvasses. The unique and highly visceral process of this method raises important questions regarding … Read more

STEPHAN DYBUS From nowhere to nothing

Open 4 May, '18

Until 14 May, '18

Exhibition | Stephan Dybus

Who am i? I am one painting a day. The rest is society. Process and persistence. From nowhere to nothing. The focus of this exhibition will be 365 paintings: an overload of daily impressions created over the span of 1 year, accompanied by recent related works. Stephan Dybus is a visual artist based in Berlin. … Read more

ANNA STEELE The Arrangement

Open 20 April, '18

Until 2 May, '18


The Arrangement is a selection of new paintings made in Berlin at the cross over of Winter into Spring. The works are composed with a focus on line, form and elements of architecture. The dedication to providing space on the canvas allows painted forms to continually arrange themselves like objects as each layer of paint … Read more

Spring Art Auction

Opening 13 April, '18


Weserhalle hosted its first art auction, making available work from 30 artists. Selected artists: Absalom & Bardsley, Beatrice Baumgartner, Birte Bosse, Andrew J Burford, Merle Dammhayn, Tara Deacon, Liz Sell & Jamie Drobnick, Stephan Dybus, Lucy Dyson, Lena Marie Emrich, Lanquetin frédérique, Octavio Garabello, Yara Greuter, Alaric Hobbs, Arabella Hope, Klaus Hu, Johannes Koch, Haley … Read more

LYNDAL WALKER Alchemical Breakfast

Open 23 February, '18

Until 17 March, '18


Alchemical Breakfast is Walker’s first video work, having worked for many years with photography and installation. It continues her interests in the nature of images, representations of gender and sexuality and the qualities of feminine accessories. The process of seeing and looking is central to this mischievous work, which simultaneously seduces and confuses its audience … Read more


Open 27 January, '18

Until 15 February, '18

Exhibition | Jeong Hwa Min

Lasse Wandschneider Lasse, Born in Lübeck, Northern Germany, currently resides in Berlin as an illustrator, animator and comic artist. “There are no clear stories being told, no punchlines or cliffhangers, but the pictures can be read as something coherent, the reading experience being closer to that of a poem. The works are drawings in pencil … Read more

OCTAVIO GARABELLO Weekend in Lithuania

Open 16 December, '17

Until 9 January, '18

Exhibition | Octavio Garabello

Octavio Garabello is constantly capturing moments in his sketchbook, whatever time, place or situation he encounters. He uses these drawings to trigger the emotions of the past, bringing this into the present with bold colours creating a new interpretation of a memory. In this series, he brings us a selection of his latest large scale … Read more


Open 30 November, '17

Until 10 December, '17


Having presented in both group and duo exhibitions internationally, producing album covers and poster artwork for artists such as Jex Opolis, Rat & Co, Moodymann and Ge-ology New York based artist Elvis Barlow-Smith presents his first solo exhibition ‘Poolside’. ‘Poolside’ is a series of paintings that explore exaggerated shapes, postures, and shadows created by bare … Read more