Radio #10: Navot Miller & Norbert Bisky

Did you know that each month, we chat with artists about the songs that inspire their studio flow? Well, we most certainly do! And this month, we had the joy and maximum pleasure of speaking not just with one, not quite three, but two incredible artists: Navot Miller & Norbert Biksy! You can listen to their podcast the conversation here.

Navot Miller was born in Israel and now resides in Berlin, where he creates his art. His work features electric compositions fuelled by flamboyant use of colours. He focuses on social scenarios and everyday moments, exploring themes of intimacy and desire with a pinch of voyeurism.

Norbert Bisky was born in Leipzig, East Germany, and currently lives and works between Berlin, Germany, and Andalusia, Spain. He is a celebrated contemporary figurative painter renowned for his colourful and emotionally charged artworks, often depicting themes of beauty, sexuality, violence, and destruction.

Their recent duo show, “Swing State,” was presented at Weserhalle during this year’s Berlin Gallery Weekend. You can find more information about the exhibition here.