Radio #6: Ivana de Vivanco

We spoke with @ivanadevivanco about the songs that she listens to which get her into that studio flow—have a listen here! Thanks to @refugeworldwide for hosting.

Ivana de Vivanco—the Berlin based Chileniean-Preuvian artist—completed her studies at the Art Academy of Leipzig under Annette Schröter. Her canvases carry her unique language of Hallucinatory, decadently colourful, and utterly compelling scenes, that depict a host of unseemly players in order to reflect the absurdities of the human-made world. Her work were most recently exhibited in 68Projects (Berlin, September ’22) and Galerie Droste (Berlin, September ’22), and was a part of Art Cologne with Galerie Anita Beckers and Kornfeld (Cologne, November ’22).