Stepping Into 2023 Right Nice

We have a great fondness for the pale blue face and charming arches that frame every exhibition at Weserhalle 1. Over the years it has become a bit of an iconic symbol of our project. We decided to utilise this fact in 2022 by incorporating these eccentric features in our promotional material, using its appearance as a canvas to communicate the upcoming exhibition. These parameters gave us unique restraints which often led to unexpected outcomes to which you can see the results here (instagram). Looking back over the year, its quite surreal to see how many times Weserhalle was transformed. I sometimes wonder that if the room was a being—alive and conscious—it would be asking us what the hell is going on?! Or Keep it up!! Or Stop, it tickles!! or something like this. In a deep sleepy curious voice. German accent of course.

Either way—thank you humble little room. Thank you 2022. Thanks to the artists, colleagues, collectors, friends and visitors.

Stepping into 2023 right nice.