House of the Moon

Maxim Brandt

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

160 x 120 cm

7.560,00  / 8.996,40  inc tax


Maxim Brandt (*1986) is a Ukrainian artist based in Berlin. Graduating with a Master’s Degree from Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, Germany in 2015, his work depicts scenes that transcend domestic familiarity. With elements of fantasy and surrealism, his impersonal worlds evoke both pacific and strange, utopian and absurdist feelings. Brandt employs symbolic motifs to transform space, disrupting the surface of his pieces and inviting humor into his work. Recent exhibitions include “Super Future” at Mirus Gallery, Denver, “DUEL” with Marius Martinussen at NB Galeri, Viborg in 2022, “Edition Berlin” (Solo) at Galerie
Rainer Gröschl, Kiel in 2022, and “Needful Things”
at Uxval Gochez Gallery, Barcelona in 2021.