Radio #9: Maxim Brandt

On this month’s Studio Radio, we talk with visual artist Maxim Brandt—our current exhibiting artist—about the tunes that get him into his studio flow. The show is hosted by our good friends and neighbours, Refuge Worldwide. You can listen to it here.

Maxim Brandt (*1986) is a Ukrainian Artist, who lives and works in Berlin. He graduated with a Master Degree from Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, Germany in 2015. His most recent exhibitions include Super Future at Mirus Gallery, Denver, DUEL a duo exhibition with Marius Martinussen at NB Galeri, Viborg, 2022, Edition Berlin (Solo) at Galerie Rainer Gröschl, Kiel, 2022 and Needful Things at Uxval Gochez Gallery, Barcelona, 2021.