St. Bernetto

Marcel Walldorf

Italian Porcelain, Taxidermied Dog

95 x 30 x 40 cm

4.200,00  / 4.998,00  inc tax


Marcel Walldorf, an artist born in Friedberg (Hesse) in 1983, has established himself in the art world with a distinctive style that balances humor and depth. Walldorf’s art embraces jokes and wordplay, utilizing absurd pictorial metaphors that reveal his delight in the playful use of language. However, beneath this apparent levity, there’s a subtle melancholy and a sharp awareness of society’s fissures and depths. His sculptural work is noted for its precise language of form, capturing complex themes in a visually compelling manner. Walldorf, currently residing and working in Frankfurt am Main, received his education in visual communication, drawing, and sculpture at HfG Offenbach and the Dresden Art Academy. He gained widespread attention in 2011 with the controversy surrounding his sculpture “Peeing Petra.” Beyond his individual work, Walldorf contributes to the broader artistic community as a co-founder of the MARS exhibition platform in Frankfurt am Main, launched in early 2015 alongside Anna Nero and Robert Schittko.