Fuss des Todes 2

Stephan Hoststettler

Oil on Canvas

40 x 50 cm

1.500,00  / 1.785,00  inc tax


Stephan Hostettler (CH, 1988) is a fine artist from Bern. After completing an apprenticeship as a metalworker, he pursued a preparatory course in design in Bern and a specialized class in graphic design in Biel. His art reflects human life and its potential. With a humorous and critical perspective on society, he aims to spark discussions and contribute positively to communal development. Primarily painting with oil on canvas, he employs various techniques ranging from classical painting to illustration. His visual language often unfolds in detailed scenes with distorted figures. Hostettler’s works were first showcased in 2019 at Jungkunst in Winterthur. Subsequent exhibitions included the Cantonale Bern Jura and the Regionale, along with collaborations with renowned Swiss artists like the rapper Nativ. One of his paintings has been featured in an art auction at Weserhalle Berlin.