Past Auctions

Art Auction 10

December 1 '22December 11 '22

Our tenth auction will open in Spring/Summer 2022. To be notified of the event, sign up to our newsletter.

Art Auction 9 with Norbert Bisky & Anna Meinecke

December 3 '21December 12 '21
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Weserhalle is happy to announce the ninth edition of the Art Auction curated by Norbert Bisky and Anna Meinecke ( The works will be available to view at the Weserhalle gallery via bookings, with the auction taking place entirely online opening 20:00 on Friday December 3, ending at 20:00 on Sunday December 12.Out of over … Read more


Weserhalle is happy to announce the open call for our ninth edition of the Art Auction. Works can now be submitted via our website until the 1st of November. As in the previous auctions all submitted works will be reviewed, with the final selection made by our team of guest curators; Norbert Bisky and Anna … Read more

Art Auction 8 with ArtConnect

April 15 '21April 22 '21

In collaboration with our fine friends at ArtConnect, we are happy to announce our Spring Auction, opening on April 15. This event is comprised of 2 parts; the physical—a curated exhibition at the Weserhalle gallery; and the digital—an online presentation where the work will be available through our auction. Our open call generated 784 entries … Read more

Art Auction 7 with Johanna Dumet & Andy Kassier

December 8 '20December 15 '20

[Image: Ellen Antico] We are delighted to present our final auction of the year, with the primary goal of raising funds for Berlin based artists and to ensure our ongoing programme. The works are available to view at Weserhalle via bookings, with the auction taking place entirely online. Sign up here to be notified of the next … Read more

Art Auction 6

September 20 '20October 20 '20

We at Weserhalle are delighted to present our next group exhibition, Auction 6, highlighting a key selection of our current local artists and collaborators. The exhibition accommodates a physical display of works hosted at the gallery, with the bidding and auction activity taking place entirely online. We aim to raise funds to enable both our gallery … Read more

Art Auction 5

May 8 '20May 22 '20

Weserhalle curated a selection of 32 local artists from 26 countries all based in Berlin to auction their works online. The artworks were accessible for viewing at the gallery by booking private appointments, with the bidding closing on May 22 at 8pm. This was a fundraiser: when submitting an entry to the auction, the artist … Read more

Art Auction 4

December 13 '19

On December 13 at 7pm Weserhalle will host its 4th art auction. Paintings, prints, sculptures, photography, drawings, etchings, sketchings, knitted socks – it’s all there. In order to make the art accessible to everyone, there will be no minimum price or reserve. We realise that this is a big risk to the artists involved, but … Read more

Art Auction 3

August 23 '19

On August 23 Weserhalle will host its third live art auction, taking the concept of “exposure” as its broad but provocative theme. Who will risk exposure at auction, and who will seek it? Is exposure a natural (chemical) process, or an unthinkable danger? Weserhalle invited participants to create artworks for submission, interpreting the theme in … Read more

Art Auction 2

August 17 '18

We’re almost in the closing moment of the 2010s.How will we remember this decade in the future?With this in mind, Weserhalle is hosting its second art auction.

Art Auction 1

April 13 '18

Weserhalle hosted its first art auction, making available work from 30 artists: Absalom & BardsleyBeatrice BaumgartnerBirte BosseAndrew J BurfordMerle DammhaynTara DeaconLiz Sell & Jamie DrobnickStephan DybusLucy DysonLena Marie EmrichLanquetin frédériqueOctavio GarabelloYara GreuterAlaric HobbsArabella Hope Klaus HuJohannes KochHaley MacKeilShannon Alexander MurphyKarla PalomaElsa SalonenEsther Samuels-DavisAnna SteeleGuy Bosch & Joanna SzprochGuiselt ThaizRose ThomasHannah-Lee Jade TurnerEmily VaileChristoph ViewegLyndal Walker

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