Albrecht/Wilke: Fucking Delicious Landscapes

19. May '23 — 17. Jun '23Additional Information: Tuesday—Saturday 14:00—18:00 (By Appointment) Location: Weserstraße 56, Berlin 12045Button 1 (Dark): View ArtworkButton 2 (Grey): Book Appointment Leitmotifs of a stereotypical German middle-class cuisine hover in front of majestic landscape and nature depictions that irritate and delight at the same time. In their painterly collages, the artist ... Read more

Navot Miller & Norbert Bisky: Swing State

27. Apr '23 — 17. Jun '23Additional Information: Tuesday—Saturday 14:00—18:00 Weserstraße 46, Berlin 12045Button 1 (Dark): View ArtworksButton 2 (Grey): Enquiries The duo exhibition Swing State shows works by Norbert Bisky and Navot Miller. Two artistic positions whose affinities and divergences sharpen the eye for the particularity of the other. Bisky was born in 1970 ... Read more

Emil Urbanek: In Pears

23. Mar '23 — 15. Apr '23Additional Information: WESERHALLE 2 Weserstraße 46, Berlin 12045 Button 1 (Dark): View ArtworkButton 2 (Grey): Enquiries Weserhalle is pleased to present the first solo-show in Germany by the Berlin based artist Emil Urbanek titled In Pears, showcasing a series of new paintings that focus on the "examination of being" ... Read more

Anthill by Jung A Lee

10. Mar '23 — 6. May '23Additional Information: Tuesday—Saturday 14:00—18:00 (By Appointment) Location: Weserstraße 56, Berlin 12045Button 1 (Dark): View ArtworksButton 2 (Grey): Book Appointment Anthill by South Korean Artist Jung A Lee is her first solo-exhibition in Germany. In her new series of canvases, Lee focuses on two central ideas: Firstly the idea of the ... Read more

Georg Haberler: Von Krokodilen und Löwinnen

17. Feb '23 — 12. Mar '23Additional Information: Tue — Sat, 14:00 — 18:00Button 1 (Dark): View ArtworksButton 2 (Grey): Download Press In his first solo exhibition at Weserhalle, titled "Von Krokodilen und Löwinnen" ("Of Lionesses and Crocodiles"), Georg Haberler presents a series of new mixed-media works that construct worlds through impressive compositions that appear ... Read more

Toninho Dingl: SULO-Y

1. Feb '23 — 25. Feb '23 Toninho Dingl describes SULO-Y, a smart bin designed to patrol the streets, coming to the consumer not the other way around, as a satire for the current capitalisation or development of new investment fields in the technology sector. The project is equipped with all the buzzwords of Industry ... Read more

Art Auction 11

1. Dec '23 — 10. Dec '23 Our next Art Auction opens quite soon(ish). More info to follow 🐎 Signup below to stay on top.

Way Too Human

13. Jan '23 — 5. Feb '23 Our first group show of 2023—Way Too Human—opens 13 January. Participating artists will be announced shortly. Signup below to get notified. Featured artwork by Tokyo Tommy.

Viktor Mattsson: Thanks For Laughing

28. Oct '22 — 19. Nov '22Button 1 (Dark): View ArtworksButton 2 (Grey): Press (DE/EN) Weserhalle is happy to present Viktor Mattsson's first solo show in Germany; Thanks For Laughing. The exhibition features new works by the Swedish artist, focusing in on the topic of masculinity and its place in current society through his characteristically ... Read more

Future Solos Group Show

14. Sep '22 — 14. Oct '22Additional Information: Wed—Sat, 14:00—18:00Button 1 (Dark): View Artworks Button 2 (Grey): Private View Exhibiting Artists: Albrecht/WilkeAnouk Lamm AnoukEmilia UrbanekFrancois ThevenetGeorg HaberlerRafał DominikRon DeFeliceTamara MalcherToninho Dingl Celebrating its fifth anniversary, Weserhalle presents Future Solos, a showcase of exciting artist positions that are yet to come. With a strong selection of ... Read more

Steven, The Painter

10. Jun '22 — 3. Jul '22Button 1 (Dark): View WorkButton 2 (Grey): Press Kit Preface: Steven is a fictional character created by the artist Stephan Dybus. Dybus is a Visual artist based in Berlin. He studied Visual Communication at Burg Giebichenstein - University of Art and Design Halle. His work flips the narrative of ... Read more

Steven, The Painter

10. Jun '22 — 30. Jun '22Button 1 (Dark): Save The Date Steven's solo show at WESERHALLE marks their first departure from creating art purely online, with a move towards synthesising physical reality within their practice. Opening June 10, 18:00—21:00. More info to follow...

Andy Kassier: Read That Twice

27. Apr '22 — 29. May '22Button 1 (Dark): Available WorksButton 2 (Grey): Book Private View Andy Kassier has returned to Berlin. For four months, he avoided Germany's long and cold winter. He set out on a spiritual journey into the light, stopping in Mexico and South Africa to meet with shamans in tents, sitting ... Read more

Navot Miller: Colourful, homo, great.

18. Mar '22 — 15. Apr '22Button 1 (Dark): Available WorkButton 2 (Grey): Book Visit For his first solo show at WESERHALLE, Berlin based artist Navot Miller presents Colourful, homo, great., a series inspired by the artist's recent travels interwoven with the artist's multilayered identity. Entering the exhibition the spectator is greeted by the large-scale, ... Read more

Art Auction: Curated by Navot Miller & Ivana de Vivanco

1. Dec '22 — 11. Dec '22 We are happy to announce the tenth edition of Weserhalle's Art Auction curated by Navot Miller and Ivana de Vivanco, opening 1 December, 18:00—21:00 at our new additional location, Weserstr. 46. The event is comprised of 2 parts; 1. The physical—a curated exhibition at Weserhalle (Weserstr. 46).2. The digital—an ... Read more

Dogs of WESERHALLE Calendar 2022 Launch

5. Dec '21 Sunday December 5, 14:00—18:00: To celebrate our special new calendar, we will have a mini launch at WESERHALLE where you can grab a copy (or 2) for your friends, family and SO's! There will be warm wine and calendars. See you there! Preorder: Calendar 2022.

Open Call curated by Norbert Bisky & Anna Meinecke

8. Oct '21 — 1. Nov '21 Weserhalle is happy to announce the open call for our ninth edition of the Art Auction. Works can now be submitted via our website until the 1st of November. As in the previous auctions all submitted works will be reviewed, with the final selection made by our team ... Read more

Mona Broschár: Bounce

29. Oct '21 — 28. Nov '21Button 1 (Dark): View Works Welcome to the uncanny image world of Mona Broschár. Inhabited by sausages, bows, cupcakes, ice cream, floral dishes, and fake finger claw nails; the motto is, “Don’t take life so seriously—Let’s play!” Fun times abound here, and fetishes are lived out, while the boundaries ... Read more

Fabian Warnsing: Two Lips & Tulips

10. Sep '21 — 10. Oct '21Button 1 (Dark): Available Works Igor stands somewhat perplexed with his back leaning against the wall. He watches the fountain gushing out the water which runs over the edge of the pool, ruining his shoes. A cigarette butt floats in the murky scenery. The water colours the gravel at ... Read more

The Party @freeze_magazine

6. Aug '21 — 29. Aug '21 WESERHALLE is pleased to present The Party, a solo exhibition by Cem A., the person behind the Instagram art meme page @freeze_magazine. His memes explore topics such as survival and alienation in the art world, often through a hyper-reflexive and self-deprecating lens. This practice naturally extends into the ... Read more