Dog poo bags

Georg Vierbuchen & Leah Barna

Plastic Bags, Zipper, Polyester filling

100 x 100 x 30 cm

1.200,00  / 1.428,00  inc tax


Georg Vierbuchen & Leah Barna currently live and work in Berlin after studying fine arts at the University of Arts in Berlin under Christine Streuli since 2018. In 2023, they exhibited their work in several exhibitions including “Weihnachtsbaum 3” at Number 1 Mainroad, “Art Auction 11” at Weserhalle, “Pamlen aus Plastik” at Kunstmuseen Erfurt, Galerie Waidspeicher, “Sonderausstellung” at Winsstraße 58, “A Slice of Landscape” at Galerie Anton Janizewski, and “Hammershow” at Zuostant.