My Dog

Jinhee Kim

Acrylic on canvas

16 x 24 cm

1.200,00  / 1.428,00  inc tax


Jinhee Kim (*1990) holds a BFA from Hongik University and an MFA in Visual Art for Painting from Berlin Art University under Prof. Burkhard Held. She lives and works in the German capital. Jinhee Kim captures unrealistically approaching moments in everyday life and reconstructs them into imaginary images. She elaborately arranges characters and spaces on the screen and delicately adjusts the relationship between light and color to set up parts of life on the stage. Also, she extends the realm of painting to a threedimensional space like a director who acts out the stage. Illuminated characters sit blankly staring into the air or spend a routine day nonchalantly, but the scene creates a magnificent mood with the fantastic background and dramatic color. As such, Kim overturns the stereotype of the described object and stimulates an unfamiliar sense by combining light images with strict classical painting forms and expressions.