Emil Urbanek, Opening 23. Mar

Our second exhibition in the month of March sees Emil Urbanek with their new series of paintings that focus on the “examination of being” and reflect on different stages of identity. Their exhibition opens on Thursday 23. March, 18:00 – 21:00. Read more here.

RBB: SULO-Y on the TV

We had the pleasure of sharing our recent Toninho Dingl Exhibition / project SULO-Y with the popular TV News station RBB. You can watch the full interview here (starts from 22:00):

Jung A Lee Opening 10. Mar

Our next exhibition featuring Jung A Lee will open next week on Friday, March 10th. Born in Seoul, Korea in 1995, Lee currently lives and works in Berlin while studying fine art and painting at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin. Her works explore the process of capturing and reproducing unconscious potential situations or states. ... Read more

Radio #7: Emilia Urbanek

We spoke with Emilia Urbanek about the songs that they listen to which get them into that studio flow—have a listen here! Thanks—as always—to @refugeworldwide for hosting. Emilia Urbanek has been studying art since 2019 at UdK in the class of Prof. Thomas Zipp. In their work, they set a focus on the “examination of being” as they describe ... Read more

Georg Haberler’s latest exhibition is officially open

Georg Haberler’s new exhibition Von Krokodilen und Löwinnen is a fantastic opportunity to experience his unique paintings; a series of new mixed-media works that construct worlds through impressive compositions that appear to be on the verge of collapse, but always maintain their balance. If you’re able to attend the exhibition in person, we highly recommend ... Read more

SULO-Y & Tesla: 2 Tech Giants

SULO-Y was featured in the Tagesspiegel newspaper today, highlighting the company’s mission to create sustainable, innovative solutions to support the environment. This important recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the SULO-Y team and their commitment to creating a greener future for all. View the SULO-Y exhibition by Toninho Dingl here.

Opening February 17: Georg Haberler

Last year, we produced Future Solos, a group show where each artist would have the opportunity for a solo exhibition in our future program. We are happy to report that the future has now arrived, and we couldn’t feel more excellent about Georg Haberler being the first artist artist to present their solo show! Opening ... Read more

Two Bavarians clean up Neukölln with a wacky idea

We are delighted to have our latest exhibition SULO-Y covered by berliner-kurier.de; “‘Toninho Dingl (34) and Florian Fiebiger (43) are the men of the moment when it comes to autonomous driving. While Musk’s self-driving Teslas have been involved in accidents, the two inventors have come up with a much less dangerous but more useful vehicle: ... Read more

Smart bins are coming to Neukölln

SULO-Y is a smart bin designed to patrol our streets, bringing waste disposal solutions directly to the consumer… and it’s coming to Berlin! Come and meet the founder and inventor Toninho Dingl! Come and invest in SULO-Y’s latest A.I. powered solution for the future of waste management! Trash bins just got smarter… View Website

Opening: Way Too Human

Get ready for our first show of 2023 – Way Too Human! Tomorrow night we’ll be featuring this cheeky captivating sculpture by Tokyo Tommy, who has been exploring the process of creating artwork through a VR headset. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a peek of his vibrant and colourful characters, amongst other great artworks ... Read more

Stepping Into 2023 Right Nice

We have a great fondness for the pale blue face and charming arches that frame every exhibition at Weserhalle 1. Over the years it has become a bit of an iconic symbol of our project. We decided to utilise this fact in 2022 by incorporating these eccentric features in our promotional material, using its appearance ... Read more

Welcome: Christine Schmelter

Finding a good human to work alongside is bloody rare, which makes us feel all the more grateful to announce that Christine Schmelter will be joining Weserhalle as Managing Director. Christine Schmelter, born 1990 in Manila, Philippines earned a Master‘s Degree in Art History from the Humboldt University in Berlin and the University of Vienna. ... Read more

Radio #6: Ivana de Vivanco

We spoke with @ivanadevivanco about the songs that she listens to which get her into that studio flow—have a listen here! Thanks to @refugeworldwide for hosting. Ivana de Vivanco—the Berlin based Chileniean-Preuvian artist—completed her studies at the Art Academy of Leipzig under Annette Schröter. Her canvases carry her unique language of Hallucinatory, decadently colourful, and utterly compelling scenes, that ... Read more

Art Auction: Thank You

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the artists, visitors and bidders who participated in our recent art auction. Without their generous contributions, the auction would not have been such a success. We are truly grateful for the time and effort each participant put into the event and are excited to ... Read more

Art Auction: Open This Week

Our tenth art auction opens this Thursday, 1 December 18:00—21:00 at our new, additional location; Weserstr. 46, 12045 Berlin. Pictured here; an artwork from the upcoming auction by Florine Imo titled, mirror, mirror on the wall who has the thiccest booty of them all? Signup here so you are ready to bid!

Anouk Lamm Anouk by Elsa Okazaki

Hi there, Anouk Lamm Anouk

The Viennese based artist has made a name for themselfes with their intriguing visions and intuitive method of composition, which saw them win the prestigious Strabag Art Award in 2021. Forms and signs build a world of odd harmony, with their oeuvre eluding hierarchy and patriarchal structures. Instead, Anouk’s work is characterised by a feeling ... Read more

Radio #5: Johanna Dumet

Last week we spoke with visual artist Johanna Dumet about the songs she listens to which get her into that studio-flow. Hosted by our neighbours at Refuge Radio Worldwide—have a listen here! Johanna Dumet is a self-taught painter whose background in fashion design informs her approach to the colours, materials, and patterns used in her expressive mixed-media works. Working with oil sticks, paper cut-outs, ... Read more

Photo courtesy of the artist and Weserhalle

Tamara Malcher in Weltkunst

We are happy to share that Tamara Malcher’s work A couple weeks I could feel it comin’ has been featured in Weltkunst in an exciting new column titled 10 under 10 000. Tamara’s work was exhibited in our past group show Future Solos. Stay tuned for more collaborations with Tamara and check out the article ... Read more

Next Radio Guest: Johanna Dumet

What music does Johanna Dumet listen to, to get her into that studio groove? We’re happy to announce that we will be chatting with her this coming Saturday to find out! Tune in on 29 October, 14:00 CET @ Refuge Radio.

Radio #4: Future Solos

Weserhalle Radio is where we talk to artists about the tunes that get them into their studio-flow. New episode is now online featuring the artists from our recent group show Future Solos; Albrecht/Wilke, Anouk Lamm Anouk, Emilia Urbanek, Francois Thevenet, Georg Haberler, Rafał Dominik, Ron DeFelice, Tamara Malcher and Toninho Dingl.