🥁 Andy Kassier: Performance

We’re happy to announce a performance by our current exhibiting artist—Andy Kassier—in collaboration with energy and sound healer Roberta Perzolla. A completely white outfit will be mandatory for the entry. “close your eyes and see”Sunday 29th MayStarting at 5pm sharpAt the WESEREHALLE gallery Claim Your Place

👋 Curtains

Curtains. They open, and they close. Thank you to Navot Miller for a colourful homo exhibition. Looking forward to our next show with Andy Kassier. As one curtain closes another opens… SOON.

😳 Final (Colourful Homo) Week!

And just like that, it’s the final week of Navot Miller’s exhibition; Colourful, homo, great. We’re open during the Easter holidays via private bookings; simply visit the link below and select a time. Bis bald! Book Private View View Available Works

📻 Susstudio #1: Navot Miller

Here it is: the first episode of Susstudio where we learn of the music listened to by artists in their studio whilst making their arts. First up, Navot Miller—Enjoy!

👉 Upcoming Exhibitions

Our 2022 programme is almost set in place and we’re looking forward to sharing this with you! To get early access to our upcoming shows (amongst other perks), simply signup below: Signup

📻 New Podcast: Susstudio

We’re feeling pretty good about introducing Susstudio; our new radio show/podcast where we’ll be talking to artists about the songs they listen to whilst creating their creations. Broadcasted by Refuge Radio, for our first guest, we’re delighted to tell you now, that this is Navot Miller. Tune in live this Saturday, March 26, 14:00 (CEST). … Read more

🌞 Spring is here & we’re officially open

Thanks to all who arrived and celebrated our first opening of 2022 with Navot Miller. It was all very colourful, homo and super great! The exhibition runs until April 15, open Wednesday to Saturday, 14—18:00. Book Private View View Available Works